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Noelia Gilabert

The first time I needed a rental home, I had to spend many hours searching the internet, calling or requesting information. As I passed a real estate store window, I read almost all the posters that could fit my idea and until I found the one I liked, more than two months passed …

The second time was worse, since I wanted to buy. I spent more than six months searching all the real estate agencies in the town, meeting each one personally, searching the internet for my dream home again …

Like you, I wanted something truly special! You can see that my own experience was quite stressful because a home is something very personal and it is very difficult to find it. You are looking for that feeling that makes you feel good when you enter a house.

In short, you want to find your own home. And this search process with so many calls, with so many visits that lead nowhere, with so many hopes and disappointments at the same time, makes this choice one of the most complicated of your life. After having worked in the sector for several years and having acquired a great experience in the market, now I am going to be your home personal shopper.

I love satisfaction when my clients find their personal space! Do you want to find your apartment or house? Whatever your condition, I will help you start your own story 🙂

Call me and I will listen to you. We will talk and you will tell me what you want, what you feel, what you need, what is your dream … and I will look for it, advise you and offer you only the options that are really going to interest you. Without losing time. Just building illusions. Trust me: I will find you a real home.

Ah! And if you are a girl, remember that we are the first girl-friendly real estate agency: specialized in finding the charm you are looking for, be it your first floor or final home. I have also lived it, I understand it and I feel what you need !!!

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